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St.Petersburg. The color of plumbum is grey. Exhibition catalog.
K Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia. 2013
"On the eve of the city day in the art gallery KGallery the exhibition "Petersburg. Color of lead - gray" of famous photographer Alexander Martirosov is opened. The time of the exhibition is not chosen by chance. A major of works and master’s love have been dedicated to St. Petersburg. To immerse yourself in the rhythm and mood of the city, to plunge and fall in love with it again mean not an easy task for the viewer, and for the author. The details which are difficult for inhabitant not only to capture but just to see passing by are opened with masterly skill in the lens of Alexander. It is not the viewer who selects a photo of Alexander Martirosov, the photo itself chooses a viewer. There is nothing to do but to obey and walk the beloved city, "a friend to tears" and stay in it forever." 

Christina Berezovskaya