Exhibition in Louvre - ART SHOPPING Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, France - 18-21/10/2018
Alexander Martirosov
1968 - birth in Russia
1985 - 1993 - Studies at the Leningrad Technological Institute, with the specialisation "Radiation Processes in Nuclear Energy"
2005 - Start to work with fine art photography.
2010 - Start of exhibition activities.

The photographer has worked on project in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa and India.

His works are in private collection in Russia, USA, Europe and Asia.

A member of FIAP, he's participated in international photographic competitions, including The Color Awards, The Hasselblad Masters Award and competitions under the aegis of FIAP in France, Vietnam and Norway.

He lives and work in St.Petersburg (Russia) and Italy.
The clouds look totally different today. The line of trees is softer on the horizon. The passers-by chaotic paths converge in rare and beautiful geometry. That means that the ever-changing world is willing again to be fixed as part of elusive Eternity.

According to the popular opinion, photographers must seek 'to catch the moment'. Personally, I believe the photographer should set themselves a much greater ambition: we should aim at taking a multidimensional snapshot of space and time, complete with the whole world of feelings and emotions for the viewer to dive into and be forever captured by. It should reveal the human vanity and praise the greatness and incomprehensibility of the Creator!

In recent years, I often think of something Leo Tolstoy mentioned in his diaries: 'If you must write, the only time to write is when you can't help doing it'. This is equally true for photographers. The world is full of pretty pictures with obvious content. Yet we are creatures of love and pain who can pass from emotional devastation and broken feelings to the state of complete bliss. For me, the purpose of my art is to share my experience of the world and to do it with love!

Over the years, Alexander Martirosov has developed a unique technique. Combining the use of large format photographic film with the most advanced digital technologies and distinctive style, the artist creates unique works of grand size (some original prints reach 5 meters in length).

These images have impressive quality and are rich in detail and colour palette.
The artist's distinctive style includes original composition that serves to emphasise the large scale of his landscapes.

Exhibitions/ ART-Fairs / Festivals

7.10.2010 - First solo exhibition - Hotel Astoria, St.Petersburg, Russia

22.11 - 5.12.2010 - "Sindrome di Stendhal" - NEVSKY8 / THE ART CENTER, St.Petersburg, Russia

10.02 - 10.03.2012 - Cinque Terre - Museo Diocesano, Venice, Italy

15.06 - 15.07.2012 - Cinque Terre - Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy

23.05 - 6.06.2013 - St.Petersburg. The color of plumbum is grey. - K Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

19- 21.10.2018 - ART-fair -International Salon D'ART Contemporain - Carrousel Du Louvre - Paris, France
Gallery representation:
Photography gallery RossArt, Zurich, Switzerland
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